Godrej Locks: The Challenge

India has a massive home burglary problem, with over 1,50,000 cases of robberies and burglaries reported every year.
A chief reason behind these alarming robbery figures? Home owners lacking awareness about the need for better home safety. We helped Godrej Locks, India’s No.1 lock manufacturer, change this.



#howsafeareyou, a holistic campaign that aimed to make Indians aware of the need for better locking solutions. The campaign had a simple idea: let’s hear from robbers about how they rob homes. And then have the robbers give tips on how people can safeguard their homes.

The result were three digital films, each an interview with a real ex-robber. Each film features a hardened but now-reformed robber and comes packed with revelations about how a robber thinks, how he acts and what makes homes vulnerable. The robbers also give valuable advice on how to keep homes safe.

The three digital videos are a compelling solution to Godrej Lock’s marketing objectives: to raise awareness about the need for superior safety systems at home. And to make Godrej Locks synonymous with Safety and advanced home safety solutions.


More than 6.5 million views across all platforms. #howsafeareyou trended on Twitter in India. Earning close to a million dollars in earned PR in just 30 days.

To make Godrej Locks synonymous with safety, we created
a brand film with a simple thought: in a world that increasingly
makes you feel more and more unsafe, at least your home will
make you feel safe, with Godrej Locks.