Zee Classic: The Challenge

This Hindi movie TV channel was largely attracting an older audience because of the perception that its movies are old, black-and-white movies, with a few early-colour films thrown in. It wanted to speak to a younger audience (people in their mid-thirties and even their twenties) and tell them that Zee Classic in fact has blockbusters of the 80s, the 70s and the 60s, including evergreen hits like Sholay, Baaot Baaton Mein, Bobby, to name a few.



Today’s youth lead extremely busy, stressful and largely repetitive lives. Worry and boredom are constants in a fast-paced lifestyle. They thus look for a distraction or momentary relief from their monotonous days.


Zee Classic offers the perfect escape from the worries and tensions
of everyday life. When life gets troublesome, annoying or dreary,
these movies, with their unforgettable songs, scenes, dialogues and
superstars, transport you to a nostalgic, fantasy world that makes
you feel light, easy and totally de-stressed.